Non Profit Basics

4 Tips for Opening a New Nonprofit to Lend a Helping Hand

When you want to help others in your community, opening a new nonprofit is the boldest way to do so. Wherever you plan to start your nonprofit, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind to keep things legal and operating smoothly. To learn more about the ins and outs of running a nonprofit, check out these tips.

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Avoid Replicating the Efforts of Others

Before you put all of that hard work into building a nonprofit, you should double-check to make sure there aren’t already local groups working on the same causes and offering the same services.

● Visit Great Nonprofits to check for community organizations in your area.
● An additional resource for finding local nonprofits is your local or regional United Way.

Set Up the Right Structure and Accounts

If you are still planning on starting your own nonprofit, you definitely need to ensure that you are doing so within the bounds of current laws and ethics. There are several things to consider.

● For one, a business bank account will keep personal and your organization’s finances
● This separation is vital, especially since nonprofits must keep detailed financial records.
● Having your finances and documents in order will also help you establish 501(c)(3)

Recruit the Right Volunteers and Staff

There’s strength in numbers when it comes to supporting a worthy cause. So as you organize your new nonprofit, also take the needed steps to build a reliable and hardworking team.

● A board of trustees will be your most essential group of volunteers. Choose wisely.
● Next, look for effective tools that will help you recruit folks to help with your mission.
● If you are in a position to hire employees, be sure to recruit the best candidates.

Keep All Programs Running Smoothly

Your volunteers, board members, and/or staff will be the backbone of your organization, but you will also need to have processes in place to ensure your operations run without issue.

● First thing’s first, you will need donations to support your programs and services.
Effectively managing your volunteers will ensure essential tasks are completed.
● Earning an online MBA can maximize your skills in communication and financial and organizational management.

When you’re looking to go big and help with local causes, starting your own nonprofit is one way to do so. Do the research to make sure you are not replicating the efforts of other organizations before you decide to take this major step, and then take care when establishing your structure and operations. Finally, look for people who share your passion and can help you out.

Photo Credit: Rawpixel
Author: Jenna Sherman