At our Arlington location, a group of 14 volunteers worked all day to clean out massive amounts of overgrown bushes and weeds that were taking over the yard and reducing visibility around our Maternity Group Home.   The teams were more than eager to tackle project after project, and provided a transformation that made the house look like new.  Their work allowed for more visibility from the house to the driveway, increasing the security of the program, in addition to rejuvenating the entire exterior of the home.  They weren’t able to finish all the work, but nearly EVERY person who volunteered that day was eager to come out again to continue.  It was more than we ever could have expected or hoped for, and it made me proud to be a part of such a great day of community service, let alone be on the receiving end of it.

Thank you so much for coordinating this day of service.  As I told the volunteers, all of our energies at Cocoon House goes directly to serving the youth in our programs.  This is great for the kids, not for our yards.  And every one of the volunteers was enthusiastic about helping transform our sites into places that the kids can be proud to live when they return from school, work  or appointments.  We were honored to receive this loving support  from the community and THANK YOU for the extensive work you put into coordinating it.