Cocoon House was blessed to receive approximately 40 volunteers on Saturday to tackle projects at 3 different locations (two in close proximity to each other in Everett and one in Arlington).  I spent the day between all the sites, ensuring the teams had the tools, supplies and refreshments they needed.

Through the 225 labor hours that these volunteers donated, they had a DRAMATIC impact on our programs.  At our main location in Everett, they transformed the entire block to the point that it look ready for a city parade.  The bushes were manicured, the planted beds raked out, lawns edged and mowed and trash removed.  Some of the neighboring businesses even came out to donate cases of bottled water after seeing the works of your teams.  The team also cleaned out hazardous trash, such as needles , from the areas around our building.  In addition there were areas that showed signs of fostering dangerous activities and waste, that the team trimmed bushes and hedges to allow for more visibility and less cover for those issues to hide behind.  In the end, multiple staff of Cocoon House said they have never seen our street look so good.